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Thank You!
Archana, The Site Looks wonderful .Thank you Believe it or not I already have 10 appointments.
WOW!!! This was really a good idea. I had to send this poem to you .
Your eyes have me hypnotized like never before. You are absolutely stunning. I can see from your smile and your glow on your face that you are a very giving and joyful person. I wish one day to meet you in person.
For now this is a wish, but I do want you to know that I do value you and our communications mean the world to me. Best to your family Thank you for opening that part of your life with me. Nepal is a beautiful place. I have a former professor who studied there and he told me that it changed his life for ever. I send this note to you with Love and Honor. You are truly a gift from God

Namaste ,
Peter LeBuhn, USA


Thanks for the great work and your patiece with me.

Best regards,
David Wolf