About Multimedia Interactive CD-Rom
Interactive CD-ROM’s can be used as an ideal digital catalogue for easy distribution. CD ROM that contains printed materials, pictures, animated 3D graphics, interactive forms and will actually link your clients directly to your website.
Interactive Portfolio:
CARE Nepal - About CARE and CARE Nepal
Tribhuvan University - Contains all information of TU including video files
AIMS Nepal- Information about Aims nepal and Alfa Beta institute and information about other colleges.
OSHO Tapoban - All related information with music and lots of things.
CIVIL Homes- Information of civil homes and 3D Design of Civil Homes.
Elite Infotech- Profile of Elite Infotech
Widow's Video files for CARE International - About nepal's widow's problem.
Samples of work can be sent to you on request or demo can be show on your request.
Download small sample of Interactive. (1mb)